Technology is constantly changing, problems are being created and frequently go unnoticed. iMON is constantly scanning and evaluating ALL technology to identify problems before they have an impact.


iMON powered by Techlytics™ predicts failures that are captured and validated as an Event. No more alert texts or emails to find out a failure has just occurred. iMON Events are documented problems with your technology that will impact operations in the near future.


iMON’s Network Operation Center (NOC) staff evaluates your network and devices; servers, virtual environments, POS, PC’s or tablets devices, and applications all day every day to predict Events. iMON validates Events and your IT staff is provided the details necessary to effectively resolve problems.


Our dashboard is configurable to provide clients the Need 2 Know insight for ALL technology from critical issues, trends, and when issues are resolved. iVIEW360 provides complete transparency by communicating Events to the entire organization.